“My name is Alexandre Goulet and I am the founder of walkandmeditate.com. I have been actively seeking personal growth and a deeper meaning in life since more than 20 years. In this process, I have practiced meditation daily (for the past 15 years, totaling over 6000 hours at this point), read lots of books, tried several different practices like Yoga or Reiki and spent time on many silent retreats around the world. I was living in Paris for many years, working as social worker specialized in conflict mediation and active listening. I also worked in foreign countries with NGO’s in peace building.
The story of walkandmeditate.com started when I met my wife who is a german doctor in psychiatry and psychotherapy during a long hike in Turkey and joined her in Bavaria. It was a truly good opportunity to start to realize my dream : living and sharing my passions – meditation and hiking. The idea to create a meditation and walking retreat in the fantastic region of South Bavaria came naturally. So I imagined what could be the perfect holidays and started to create walkandmeditate.com.”

Alexandre Goulet

Founder of walkandmeditate.com

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