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Home - Luxury and exclusive meditation, walking and wellness retreats in Bavaria, Germany, Europe

Learn and practice meditation in a magical place…

And find the technique that really suits YOU!

Learn and practice meditation

Every day, you’ll learn and practice a new technique which will allow you to choose one that really suits you.

Breathtaking sceneries

During your retreat, you’ll explore some of the most stunning mountain trails of the bavarian region.

A luxury accommodation

You’ll stay in an extraordinary five-star hotel which has a wide range of facilities and beautiful clean wide rooms with fantastic mountain view with all luxury amenities.

Amazing cultural visits

During your retreat, you’ll visit some of the most popular of all the historical palaces and castles in Europe.

A universe of flavors

Because food is an important part of our lives and an even more important part of a journey, you’ll live a gourmet experience.

Just your well-being

Extending our philosophy of relaxation and rejuvenation, you’ll recover with a full range of facilities in a luxury spa and in a high-tech fitness room.

“Alexandre has created a simple paradise where you immediately switch off and relax. The meditation sessions were very powerful and have had a profound effect on my life since I’ve returned from there as I now practice it at home! I can only recommend this retreat!”

Jenny – New york, May 2016

“I was a retreat doubter but absolutely loved it ! But I only saw and felt that they wanted me to be happy, even to feel special. I’ve never experienced anything like it! Finally my stay was relaxing, rejuvenating, completely luxurious and above all, life changing!”

John – Manchester, July 2016

“My husband and I had a wonderful week in Germany. It was 8 full days of serenity, peace and good health. The hotel rooms are very cozy, spacious and the view is spectacular as the mountains are just in front of us. We really liked the all-inclusive policy. Overall we had a fantastic time!”

Tessa and Jan – Amsterdam, June 2016

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