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Typical Day Schedule - Luxury and exclusive meditation, walking and wellness retreats in Bavaria, Germany, Europe

A typical walkandmeditate.com day


We are starting the day with a yoga salutation of the sun to energize the day followed by half an hour of practice of the lesson of the day before.

“The early morning meditation session with energizing yoga exercises was a perfect way to wake up and start the day! It’s something I have continued with since I’m back home!”
Kate – At walkandmeditate.com, June 2016

8:00/9:30 – BREAKFAST

“The breakfast is terrific and was each day beautifully prepared and presented with impeccable service. The quality and quantity of the presentation is way beyond what I expected. ”
Cheryl – At walkandmeditate.com, May 2016


Every morning we are learning a new meditation practice to allow you to choose the one that is really fitting to you.

“My favourite part of the experience was the morning practice. Each day we learned a new meditation technique and now I have a good overview of the basics.”
Jenny – At walkandmeditate.com, May 2016

10:30/15-16:00 – HIKING or


“As a life-long city dweller, and an inexperienced hiker, I was initially worried  about the hikes. However it was a truly enjoyable and unique experience. The hikes are easy enough and the sceneries are breathtaking! This was definitly a highlight of my holiday.”
Nanci – At walkandmeditate.com, July 2016

15-16:00/18:30 – FREE TIME

This is the time to relax at the swimmingpool, read, have a massage or whatever you like.

“I loved the afternoons at the hotel! It was the right moment after hikes or visits to relax.The spa facilities were top class and staff very capable. I took massages and mud treatments. It left me feeling relaxed and pampered.”
Caroline – At walkandmeditate.com, May 2016


We will practice what we had learned during the morning session.

“The evening meditation sessions were the best for me! It was the easiest moment to let it go and be really mindful to appreciate at 100% the wonderful gourmet dinner!”
David – At walkandmeditate.com, June 2016


In the evening the Gourmet Dinner Menu awaits you. From Mondays to Fridays you can choose from a 5-course Gourmet-Menu. At the weekend, we spoil you with our healthy cold and warm Themed Buffet on Saturday’s and on Sunday’s is our highlight – the Gala Dinner…

“The meals were fantastic! Every dish seemed to have multi-layered flavours, and plating was creative and looked more like a piece of art. This was definitely a culinary experience!”
Emma – At walkandmeditate.com, August 2016

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